Light up your day at our Green & Sunny cafe, quench your thirst, and fuel you up with our all-plant-based menu bringing you all-day brunch, delightful lite bites, salad, and more. At our flagship cafe, we bring all the best together so you don’t have to go anywhere else for your shopping.

Our grocery store have a wide range of both Green & Sunny creations and selected lines curated together from frozen meals, ingredients, beverage, skin care, lifestyle products. Besides, all products are vegan friendly so you can browse without worries! Come and say hi!


Our Services

Food Service

Spice up your plant-based selections! We know that it is not always easy to prepare plant-based options for your customers. That’s why Green & Sunny wants to be a solution for restaurant owners and event organizers. We provide our iconic ingredient creations such as Vegan Boiled Good Egggg and Vegan Fish Sauce which you can easily use to substitute for your existing recipes or create brand new menus.

We also provide our frozen food in bulk packages so that you can easily add more plant-based options to your menu as well!


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